What Demitri loves most about his business

Of all the fun things I have done for my business, I have the most fun making cold calls. Believe it or not. And I mean real cold calls. The kind where I have a container already mixed with my Seasonings and tomato juice, samples, literature and business cards and I walk into a bar unannounced.

Having worked in several restaurant and bar environments myself, I am always considerate and respectful of people’s time because I’m showing up uninvited, and I always plan to leave immediately if they don’t want to see me. If they don’t have time to see me I’ll laways leave them a few samples anyway just to thank them for their time. This gesture usually causes them to ask “so, what is this stuff?” and we’re off.

Walking in the door is always the same no matter if I’m calling on a 4 star resort or a bombed-out dive bar. There is always that moment when people see me for the first time with samples, a jug of sauce and a smile and it’s obvious: I have the coolest thing they could ever imagine and I want to show it to management. Let’s face it, I’m one of those “Salespeople” at that point.

In addition to the management, I’m also secretly there to show it to anyone and everyone who will listen – bar customers are especially the best! Not only are most bar customers interested in trying something new, but the Bloody Marys I’m serving are usually far better than what most any bars currently serve – especially if it’s the ready-to-use bottled stuff. If a bar actually makes a good “house-recipe” Mary, I guarantee that their customers will still get a delicious “from-scratch” cocktail and all they have to do is add Demitri’s to tomato juice. Demitri’s guarantees Marys that are perfect every time, in no time.

You can cook with this stuff too! Rub some Seasonings on a steak and toss it on the grill. Done. The Worcesterdshire, garlic, lemon, black pepper, onion along with the other secret ingredients make a perfect grilling sauce and marinade! It also works great in your favorite recipe, here’s a few to get you started: Demitri’s Recipes