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Bloody Mary Garnish Ideas

Garnish List

Baby Corn
Basil Sprig
Beef Jerky
Blaze's Pickled Beans
Carrot Stick
Cherry Tomatoes
Cheese Cubes - cheddar, pepper-jack, pretty much anything that doesn't fall apart
Chili Peppers
Cilantro Sprig
Cocktail Onions
Cucumber Spear
Dill Sprig
Demitri's Original RimShot
Demitri's Bacon RimShot
Edible Flowers
Tofu – Fried or Fresh
Green Pepper Ring
Hearts of Palm
Horseradish – freshly-grated pinch
Jalapeno Popper
Lemon, Lime, Orange or Grapefruit wedges, wheels, twists or zest
Olives – olives stuffed with blue cheese or peppers always impress
Onion Rings - hang 'em over a straw or another garnish!
Parsley Sprig
Pepperoni Stick
Demitri's Pepperoni Straws
Peppers – pickled or fresh
Pickle Spears
Pickled Asparagus, carrots, cherry peppers, okra...pickled pickles!
Roasted Garlic
Rosemary Sprig
Scallion (green onion)
Skewered Steak Bites
Smoked Oysters or Mussels
Stuffed Olives - Stuff your own with bleu cheese, chile-peppers, garlic
Thyme Sprig
Water Chestnuts
Zucchini Planks or Wheels

Salted Rimmers

Demitri's Original RimShot
Demitri's Bacon RimShot
BBQ Rubs - they're mostly salt and some are really tasty!
Kosher Salt
Old Bay
Sea Salt
Celery Salt or your own "concoction" of spices, Kosher salt, sea salt