Marinade for Steaks BBQ

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Dad's BBQ Steaks

If Demitri's was made for any other purpose than Bloody Mary mixes, this is it! You'll find more barbecue marinade tips and recipes on the recipes page, but this one is so tasty and easy, we thought it deserved a page all its own.

Demitri's® All Natural Bloody Mary Seasoning
Fresh lemon juice

Mix Demitri's 50/50 with lemon juice. Marinate steaks for a couple of hours, turning every half hour or so.

Start with a very hot barbecue and a cool Demitri's Bloody Mary. Over high heat, cook the steaks on the first side until they're about a third done, and then flip. Be careful not to burn the steaks, but a slightly charred finish is the key. When you flip the steaks, be careful — the high heat needed for the char-finish can quickly overcook your steaks.

Try your own variation on marinade for steaks with all of Demitri's seasonings.

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