Aquavit Mary

We're featuring the BTP Bloody Mary created by James Beard Award-winning author Brad Thomas Parsons. See below this awesome recipe! 

Aquavit Mary


For the rim:

For the drink:


    1. Gently moisten the rim of a 12-16 ounce glass with the lemon wedge, then press into a saucer of Demitri’s Original Rimshot Rim Salt.
    2. Combine the aquavit, tomato juice, and Demitri’s Classic Recipe All-Natural Bloody Mary Seasoning in a shaker tin. Roll the ingredients back and forth into another shaker tin several times to combine. 
    3. Pour the mixture into the prepared glass filled with ice. 
    4. Garnish with skewered cured meats and fresh and pickled vegetables, along with a lemon wedge, celery stalk, and freshly grated horseradish.
    5. Serve the Bloody Mary with a Demitri’s Pepperoni Straw and a three-ounce beer chaser.