Are Bloody Marys Good for You?

Are Bloody Marys Good for You?

In a Gallup Poll from 2018, participants were asked their views on alcohol, including what it did to their health. While 16% of respondents said it’s good for their health, while 55% said it makes no difference and 28% said it was bad for health.

You know what we say to that? Phewy. We happen to be experts in the Bloody Mary, the best cocktail on God’s green Earth. Among all the reasons it’s the best, besides the amazing taste, is that it’s one of the healthiest cocktails you can order. Let us break it down why a Bloody Mary is good for your health.

General Health Tips

To get the obvious out of the way, let’s talk about the alcohol in Bloody Mary’s. While vodka is one of the “healthier” alcohols, based on it’s low carbs and calories, the jury is still out on how much moderate drinking improves your health.

Lucky for us, remove the vodka from a Bloody Mary, and you’re still left with a delicious cocktail that’s packed with nutrients. While a true Bloody has a variety of ingredients that turn into the delicious package, the tomato juice is what does most of the heavy lifting for both the taste and the health.

Whether you think of a tomato as a vegetable or a fruit (hint: you really can’t go wrong with either), their positive impact on our health is not up for debate. Tomatoes main claim to fame is that they are full of lycopene, an antioxidant that is notable for it’s impressive ability to reduce inflammation. As a result, there have been studies that tie tomato juice consumption to decreases in blood pressure, LDL cholesterol, and fat buildup in arteries. 

Once we move past the tomato juice in our virgin Bloody Mary, we start to enter the customizable, so the health of your kiddy cocktail might differ. But some of the most common additions, such as horseradish and celery, but carry health benefits as well.

While studies are still ongoing on the true benefits from horseradish, there is some evidence to suggest that the condiment may help fight against different types of cancers and harmful bacteria. Meanwhile, celery is made up of 95% water, so it’s pretty neutral in the way of overall nutrition, but it does contain small amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C

As a Hangover Cure

While we love the taste, we also have to acknowledge that one of the main calling cards of the Bloody Mary is the capacity to cure hangovers. Not surprisingly, a lot of what makes a Bloody Mary healthy is also what helps you feel better.

Remember that lycopene we talked about earlier in the tomato juice? Turns out, the antioxidant is also a powerful liver cleanser that fights the toxins you consumed too many of the night before. 

And if horseradish doesn’t tickle your fancy in your Bloody’s, maybe you prefer Worcestershire sauce. That can be a strong pick when you’re feeling it in the morning, as it’s full of B6 vitamins that can help digestion, combating any late night snacks you might have indulged and further aiding the liver with toxins.

Unfortunately, however, to fully get over that hangover, you’re once again going to want to make that Bloody Mary a virgin. While some might swear that the Hair of the Dog cocktail solves the problem, in reality your body doesn’t start to feel the brunt end of hangover symptoms until after it has all left your system, so drinking a cocktail in the morning only delays the inevitable

The Verdict

Although you might have to take the vodka out of the equation to see the full benefits, science says that a Bloody Mary is going to help you feel better. So next time you go out to brunch and order your favorite morning cocktail, feel free to tell your friends it’s all a part of the diet.

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