If a bartender is an artist, then the bar is his canvas. It is there where he’s free to experiment, paint with broad strokes, and get out of his comfort zone to create something beautiful and never before seen. And no canvas offers the freedom of expression like the Bloody Mary. 

The Bloody Mary is as versatile as a drink there is, allowing for an endless list of variations just waiting to be explored. With that, here’s our guide for creating a unique Bloody Mary recipe you can call your own.

The Seasoning

The seasoning is likely the most challenging part of your Bloody Mary recipe, making it the most rewarding to get right but also the most painful mistake if you go wrong somewhere (but luckily for you, the perfect Bloody Mary Seasoning exists and is available on our site).

Still, we don’t blame you if you want to try experimenting with Demitri’s seasoning, in fact we encourage it! Ever try half Extra Horseradish and half Chipotle Habañero? Or gone crazy and tried a little bit of all four? The pitcher is your oyster, let the seasoning run freely and see what you come up with!

The Spirit

Of course, the mainstay is vodka, but it’s earned that title because it’s delicious and pairs great with tomato juice. But vodka in and of itself can mean a lot of things. There are hundreds of brands around the globe, each one different from the ones before it and from the ones that follow. To create a truly unique Bloody Mary recipe, we suggest finding one you’ve never had before or to find one outside of your region and throw it into your mix.

But that’s vodka, and the Bloody Mary has a whole family of Bloodies in the world of spirits. There’s the Bloody Maria with tequila, Bloody Pirate with rum, or you can keep the vodka and throw in some clam broth for a Bloody Caesar. We’re also a big fan of the Red Beer here at Demitri’s, using a brewski as the perfect gameday drink. 

The Garnish

Finally, we get to the pièce de résistance of every Bloody Mary, the garnish. As any Bloody fan can tell you, the garnish snacks can really be what sets yours apart from others, as many restaurants and brunch spots have found out by going viral with their own unique and delicious variations.

There’s always the classics, which have earned that title by lasting the test of time and still making a great pairing: pepperoni straws, celery sticks, bacon strips, green beans, chunks of cheese, etc. Any combination of these garnishes is sure to pair well with your cocktail.

Then there’s the absurd, but truly magical, garnishes that require the extra mile, but will also make you the talk of the brunch. Brats, cheeseburgers, even entire grilled chickens have found their way onto the top of a Bloody Mary in the past. 

If it’s edible, it can garnish a Bloody Mary, meaning the possibilities are endless. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with a classic Bloody Mary either, and we’ve got all the ingredients to make the perfect one every time.