Creative Bloody Mary Garnishes You Have To Try

Creative Bloody Mary Garnishes You Have To Try

There’s something special about a Bloody Mary. This superb cocktail is filled to the brim with tomato juice, your favorite liquor, and flavorful spices. It acts not only as a hangover remedy, but a delicious, nutrient-filled refreshment. Today, it’s pretty commonplace to see Bloody Mary menus on every brunch restaurant across the globe.

Bloody Mary’s have long been garnished with a stalk of celery or an onion, but sometimes we need to add a little oomph to our glass. So, when the watery crunch of a celery stick just won’t do, turn to this list.

The 10 Most Creative Bloody Mary Garnishes

  1. Olives

Albeit common, green olives blend perfectly with the flavors of any Bloody Mary cocktail. This is a perfect choice for anyone trying out a Bloody Mary for the first time. Instead of skewering the olives, you could also garnish the rim with them.

2. Peppers

Bloody Mary aficionados will agree on one thing: peppers are a perfect addition to a classic Bloody Mary. They balance out the spicier profile of the cocktail and add a perfect crunch.

Double the amount of peppery goodness with the Demitri’s Chilies and Peppers mix to go with your garnish.

3. Jalapeno

If you’re looking to take the spiciness of your Bloody Mary mix up a notch, jalapenos are the way to go. A little reminder that this topping is not for the faint-hearted (or sensitive taste-budded).

4. Seafood

Calling all seafood lovers: what’s stopping you from adding your favorite crustaceans to your favorite drink?

Seafood like meaty-grilled prawn, oysters, shrimps, crab cake, or deep-fried crab makes for an excellent addition to your Bloody Mary mix. Just skewer, add to your glass, and sip away!

5. Pepperoni Straws

Pepperoni straws can take a Bloody Mary from typical to next-level cocktail creation.

These pepperoni straws are loaded with flavors that add more texture to your average cocktail mix. Sip out of ‘em, chew on ‘em, mix with ‘em—they’re the most sustainable straw on the market (or at least we like to think so)!

6. Slice of Pizza.

Too decadent? Not for us. Some people may be put off by a giant slice of pizza topping their brunch-time drink. But then again, the Midas touch to any pizza is tomato sauce—which is a crucial ingredient in making Bloody Mary. It’s an unexpectedly perfect pair!

7. Onion Rings

If you’re all about the crunchy things of life, onion rings are the perfect garnish for your classic Bloody Mary mix. They are not only crispy but can be loaded with savory spices that pair perfectly with your bloody.

8. Cheese

Whether it’s fried, in a stick, or cubed, cheese is one of the most versatile and delicious foods out there. It also acts as a great garnish to any Bloody Mary. Try skewering a variety of your favorite cheeses to add to your next cocktail.

9. Bacon Rimshot

For an aromatic accent to your cocktail mix, a bacon rimshot is the way to go. It creates a delicious savory finish to any chilled Bloody Mary.

10. Beef Jerky

Beef jerkies are a great addition to any Bloody Mary cocktail mix. Use them as a tasty garnish or stirrer for your drink—you’re in for an unforgettable treat.

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