Recipe of the Month: The Conservatory

Recipe of the Month: The Conservatory

We are feeling the Spring energy at Demetri’s headquarters, here in Seattle! The season brings the gardens popping, spring break planning, and the confirmation of overdue brunch dates. With warmer days on the horizon, we have a new drink recipe to add to your new lineup of BEST ways to use Demitri’s Gourmet Seasonings. Whether you’re hitting up a parade or tailgating, the Conservatory celebrates the seasonal shift, not to mention a fresh way to celebrate St. Pat’s Day drinks, if that’s your thing! The vibrant green color comes from tomatillo and fresh cucumber juice, leaving you with a zesty drink that pairs perfectly with bar snacks or brunch favorites.

Demitris St Patricks Day Bloody Mary

Let’s get into it!



Lemon wedge or wheel
Demitri’s Original Rimshot Rim Salt
2 ounces tomatillo juice, blended and strained (Tip: Check the international produce section of your local grocery store or hit up your local bodega)
1 ounce fresh cucumber juice, blended and strained
2 teaspoons Demitri’s Classic Bloody Mary Seasoning
2 ounces vodka or soda water/seltzer for a no-alcohol version


  1. Fill a glass with freshly blended and strained juice, vodka or soda water, and Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning.
  2. Top with ice and gently transfer between two glasses to combine.
  3. Garnish with lemon and sprinkled Rimshot. Be sure to squeeze the lemon over the drink before your first sip!

The Conservatory is a great cocktail to batch out for a brunch Bloody Mary bar, using the bright juices as an alternative to traditional tomato juice. Setting up gorgeous Bloody Mary boards with Demitri’s? Be sure to tag us and we can share the love! @DemitrisBloodyMary