Rim Salt 101: Understanding the Different Types and How to Use Them

Rim Salt 101: Understanding the Different Types and How to Use Them

Salt isn’t just for pretzels… and bagels… and really good chocolate chip cookies. The humble sodium chloride has a lot of uses, but one of our favorites is rim salt. Want to elevate your homemade cocktails in literally 30 seconds? Keep reading to find out exactly how to make an Insta-worthy salt rim on your Bloody Marys, margaritas, and anything else that needs some oomph.

What’s rim salt?

While you could just mix some Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning, tomato juice, and vodka in a glass and call it a day, the best Bloody Marys look as good as they taste. That’s where rim salt comes in. Rim salt is exactly what it sounds like: the decorative salt garnish that goes around the rim of a glass. Sounds simple? That’s because it is!


How do I use rim salt?

The hardest part is deciding which variety to use. Demitri’s Rimshot Rim Salt comes in three flavors: Original (think Hawaiian sea salts, smoked salts, celery seed), Bacon (need we say more?), and Margarita (full of tropical fruity goodness and some chili pepper for heat). 

We love the Original on Bloody Marys, Bloody Marias, and Red Snappers. Bacon is amazing on micheladas. And Margarita is an obvious necessity for all your margs, but it can also amp up any mocktail (virgin mojitos, anyone?). You can even go wild and put a rim salt on your daily afternoon seltzer—who’s gonna stop you?!

Here’s what you need:
Rim salt of choice
Lime wedge

Take your glass and gently moisten the rim with the lime wedge. Sprinkle the rim salt on the saucer, then press the glass into the saucer. Pour your bev and take a pic for the ‘gram (and tag us, duh). That’s it!

Here are a few tips to make you an expert salt rimmer in no time:

  • Hold your glass at a 45-degree angle and slowly move it through the salt. If you like a slightly less salty taste, do half of the rim.
  • Give your glass a moment before you pour your drink. If you simply CAN’T wait, 1. We get you and 2. Make sure the glass is just moist and not dripping wet.
  • Our go-to to moisten the rim is a lime wedge, but there’s no rule saying you can’t experiment. (We checked the rulebook to be sure.) Catch us using pomegranate or pineapple juice to bring out the flavors in the Margarita Rim Salt all summer.

And there you have it! Grab your Demitri’s Rimshot Rim Salt and give your cocktails the glow-up they deserve.