Spruce Up Your Summer Patio with These 6 Outdoor Bar Games

Spruce Up Your Summer Patio with These 6 Outdoor Bar Games

It’s summertime, and that means outdoor bar games season is upon us! Whether you're a regular at your local bar or like spending time with your friends, bars are a lot more fun with activities to enjoy. Here are six of the best outdoor bar games that you can enjoy all summer long--and well into the fall.

  • Bocce Ball

  • Bocce ball is one of the best bar game ideas to set up as long as you have fake or real grass. If you don’t have any bocce balls on hand at your bar, you can purchase them online or at a nearby department store.

    In bocce ball, the jack--a small, white ball--is thrown into the court, generally far away but not too far to be unreachable. Then, two to four teams of one to two people throw their bocce balls as close to the jack as possible. Whichever team lands their balls closest to the jack wins.

    Bocce ball doesn’t require a ton of space, and it’s a low key, yet competitive game. Ensure you have enough space for players to throw bocce balls without disrupting other guests or causing safety risks.

  • Shuffleboard

  • An outdoor shuffleboard creates a lively atmosphere, attracts patrons, and keeps the laughs going all night long. Even more exciting is the fact that you can set up a traditional shuffleboard or make a giant-sized one for even more fun.

    If you're taking the traditional route, make sure you have enough space for the board itself plus ten or twelve people crowding around it. Shuffleboard is just as much a sport for spectators as it is for participants.

    Shuffleboard is similar to bocce ball in that players try to get their pucks as close to the end of the board as possible, without them falling into the gutter. Players attempt to place multiple pucks at the end of the board, push off their opponent's pucks, or both.

    Prefer making a custom, larger-than-life shuffleboard? It starts with large sheets of plywood or a large backyard picnic table. Measure your non-seating area so you know what you're working with. If you have a small bar patio, it's best to set it up towards the side or back so you still have room for seating and tables.

  • Corn Hole

  • This is one of the classic games to play at a bar that grows more popular every year. If you need bar game ideas that take mere minutes to set up, corn hole is the perfect game for your customers and their friends.

    The objective of corn hole is tossing as many of your bean bags into the board's hole as possible. Bags that land on top of the board are worth one point and bags that land inside the hole are worth three, with the first player to 21 winning. 

    Corn hole boards are sturdy enough for bar patios made of grass, turf, or brick. Grab a few extra bean bags in the event one gets lost or breaks open. Once it's set up, enjoy seeing bar patrons kick back for hours on end!

  • Outdoor Flip Cup

  • If you have even moderate experience with outdoor bar games, then you’ve seen someone (or several people) playing flip cup. This bar game idea is portable, fast to set up, and only requires a  single table. 

    In flip cup, an even number of people line up on opposing sides of a table. Plastic 12-ounce cups are filled one-third with beer or their drink of choice, and one player from both sides starts by drinking their beverage. As soon as they're done, they must place the cup upside down on the table, flip it with one hand, and land the cup right-side-up on the table. The first side to flip all of their cups wins.

    What’s more, they’re pretty cheap to purchase, which makes them a great choice for outdoor bar games. You can find outdoor flip cup games at any sports store or online. Outdoor flip cup can be played with either regular-size cups or massive cups. If you're raring to go, consider 64-ounce cups--but remember to ask your guests to drink responsibly.

  • Ultimate Frisbee

  • Many bar game ideas involve just two people, but what about something with a bit more excitement? Ultimate Frisbee is more competitive and intense than some of the other outdoor bar games on this list, but it’s worth giving a shot.

    If you have a bar patio or lawn large enough to accommodate vigorous physical activity, then you can offer Ultimate Frisbee. Look for durable frisbees at your local sports store or online.

  • Water Balloon Catch

  • Ready to spice up your next outdoor bar game night? Give guests the chance to play catch with water balloons instead of a frisbee. Once summer temperatures reach their peak–often in mid- to late-July–people are looking for great ways to cool down. As long as you have a hose and water balloon nozzle to fill them up with, the sky’s the limit with this game. 

    Whoever catches the most water balloons without them exploding is the winner. A word to the wise–this game also requires a spacious bar lawn or patio so participants can have a blast without ruining the night for other guests. 

    Unlimited Summer Fun

    These addictively fun outdoor bar games take the cake every time. If you want to be the bar everyone is talking about this year, stock up on your game supplies now so you can offer exhilarating times all summer long. Pick up our Bloody Mary seasoning, pepperoni straws, horseradish, and margarita mixes while you're at it for the perfect drinks.