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Blaze's Products - 16oz

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Blaze's Beans brine is an all natural recipe and has won several awards since 1994.

Blaze's Beans
The original!! Used primarily as a Bloody Mary/Caesar drink garnish for over 20 years. Fresh, crunchy and spicy, these uniform beans are fabulous.

Blaze's Spears
If you like asparagus, you’re going to love these tasty, fine, young, petite pickled green spears. Great as a Bloody Mary/Caesar drink garnish but also awesome on their own as a snack. A must try!!

Blazed Carrots
Crunchy slices of fresh carrots mixed with slivers of white onions to give a wonderful “one of a kind” pickled carrot experience. These are great chopped up and put on a salad or added to our asparagus and beans to make an “ABC garnish” for your Bloody Mary/Caesar drink.