Bloody Mary Garnishes That’ll Have Customers Wanting Seconds

Bloody Mary Garnishes That’ll Have Customers Wanting Seconds

If you’re an Annie fan, you know you’re never fully dressed without a smile. But we’ll bet our bottom dollar that your Bloody Marys are never fully dressed without a garnish… make that lots of garnishes.

You can’t have a good Bloody Mary without a solid base. That’s why we always go back to the basics with our Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings. Whether you’re using the Classic Recipe or a spicier variety, all you have to do is add tomato juice and vodka (or gin, or tequila, or no liquor!) to make a stellar, consistent batch of Bloody Marys in time for brunch. But what turns a good Bloody Mary into one that customers will rally their group chat for is the garnishes.

From over-the-top Bloodys defying the laws of gravity to understated ones that go back to basics, here are our favorite garnishes to impress your customers and keep ‘em coming back for more.

For a classic Bloody Mary

You can’t go wrong with a classic, picture-perfect Bloody Mary. Here are some of our favorites to add some variety:

  • Fresh veg: Skip the ranch but don’t skimp on fresh, crunchy veggies to complement the spicy, salty Bloody Mary flavors. It goes without saying that there’s no such thing as a classic Bloody Mary without celery!
  • Pickles: Dill pickles, cornichons, bread and butter pickles (crinkle cut or bust), pickled jalapeños. You’ll definitely want to keep Blaze’s Beans, Spears, and Carrots in stock.
  • Olives: green or black, stuffed or unstuffed—you can’t go wrong with some briny goodness.

For a snacky Bloody Mary

Lean into the fan favorites from the main menu to adorn your bar’s Bloody Marys. Customers love an extravagant spread of munchies: Think onion rings, pizza, sliders, shrimp, wings, chicken tenders, habanero poppers… you’re getting hungry, aren’t you? The sky is almost the limit here (depending on what your kitchen whips up!)

For an adventurous Bloody Mary

One of the most popular ways to garnish a Bloody Mary is the choose-your-own-adventure route. Whether you do it buffet-style or let customers choose a handful of options, this lets everyone make their perfect Bloody Mary. Some options to provide:

  • Everything from the categories above, obviously
  • Lean into “br” of “brunch” with mini donuts, waffles, pancakes, and fruit (hey, don’t knock it till you try it!)
  • Salami, cheeses, pepperoni (best in straw form)—if you’ve seen it on a charcuterie board, people will want it on their Bloody.

If you’re ready to switch your bar to the best Bloody Mary Seasoning on the market, apply to be a wholesale customer now. Get ready to make Bloody Marys that are perfect every time, in no time!