Guide on How to Make a Bloody Mary with Mix

Guide on How to Make a Bloody Mary with Mix

So you love ordering bloody marys when you're out, but have no clue how to make a proper one for yourself at home.

With Demitri's delicious Bloody Mary Seasoning and simple recipes, becoming your own mixologist has never been easier.

Demitri is available in 4 different flavors, so even if you have the traditional bloody mary recipe down pat, you might want to elevate your bartending game and learn about these exciting variations.

Plus, each of these recipes includes a list of garnishes that expertly complement the drink. 

Start With the Classic Bloody Mary

Let's start basic.

Looking for the ideal fall cocktail, but unsure of how to make a traditional bloody mary? No need to buy a bunch of new spices and experiment to find the perfect ratio. You can just use Demitri's all-natural classic bloody mary with tomato juice and vodka—and you're set! 

Here's a simple recipe with easy-to-follow directions. You'll be bartending like a Pro in no time.    

Spice It Up With the Bloody Maria

After trying your homemade classic bloody mary, you might develop a taste for this savory and sharp drink, but find you're hankering for more spice.

Your best bet is the Bloody Maria. You can still use Demitri's Classic Seasoning, but with this recipe, substitute jalapeño-infused tequila instead of plain vodka for that extra spicy kick. 

This drink goes well with avocado and tomatoes, so chips and guacamole would be a great dish to serve on the side.  

Still Want More Spice? Try Demitri's Chilies & Peppers or Chipotle-Habanero!

Is the Bloody Maria still not quite hot enough for you?

You need the appropriately named spicy bloody mary. This is the perfect fall bloody mary variation because its spice will keep you warm as the days get colder.

This recipe calls for Demitri's Bloody Mary Seasoning with chiles and peppers and a can of V8 Spicy Hot tomato juice. These fiery ingredients add a real kick. Your eyes (and mouth) will be watering in no time.

The recipe also calls for Demitri's Bacon RimShot Garnishing Salts for a tasty and attractive rim garnish. This addition adds a smoky flavor to balance out the drink's heat. 

Enough Spice! Time for Jackie's Mary 

Spice is not the bloody mary's only calling card. Turn up the volume on the cocktail's zesty and smokey undertones.

This recipe uses lemon vodka to give the cocktail a tart edge. To balance out the lemon flavor, mix in Demitri's Chipotle-Habanero Seasoning to add complexity to an otherwise traditional drink without any tongue-numbing spice.    

Sweet Tooth? You Need a Mango Michelada

We've dedicated a lot of space on this list to salty and spicy, so now it's time for sweet to shine. 

The fresh fruit ingredients set this recipe apart from the ones above. It calls for 3 tablespoons of ripe mango to get your taste buds singing. 

Fan of Olive Juice? Try El Gaito Rooster aka The Pink Rooster

One important bloody mary ingredient none of the previous recipes on this list mentioned is olive juice.

This is an ingredient that many bloody mary fans argue is essential. Olive juice brings a tangy, briny note to the cocktail that can complement its sharp taste. Other fans prefer to leave it out, focusing instead on spice. 

If you want to weigh in on the debate, try The Pink Rooster recipe and decide for yourself. 

Over Bloody Marys? Try Sangrita

Sangrita isn’s a drink. It’s a “chaser” of sorts. As described in the recipe, “Sangrita makes a great addition to pair on the side with your favorite tequila.

Mix the Classic Bloody Mary seasoning with tomato, orange, and lime juice for something tasty to sip while you’re sipping your favorite tequila. 

Use Garnishes to Make Your Bloody Mary Complete

These recipes will enable you to become a talented home bartender in no time.

Another way to experiment with bloody marys is trying different garnishes for your drink. Check out our collection of suggested garnishes

If you're feeling inspired by your newfound mixology skills to host a party, you can also look at our meal recipes to decide what to serve to accompany these cocktails.