5 Cocktail Recipes You Should Try For Your New Year’s Party

5 Cocktail Recipes You Should Try For Your New Year’s Party

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is arguably the best week all year. You’re through the chaos of holiday parties, shopping, and wrapping presents. It’s finally time to veg out, watch movies and football, read a book (and maybe actually finish it), and enjoy all the leftover holiday treats. 

And of course, it’s time to plan your New Year’s party spread. Whether you love bedazzling yourself for NYE or prefer to be asleep by 10, we can all agree that yummy snacks and drinks make the evening festive. And since New Year’s Day is also National Bloody Mary Day, there’s lots to celebrate.

Here’s a roundup of five cocktails you can make for your soiree! Even better, you can sub in Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings and Margarita Mixes and make large batches of any of these recipes.

  • Blood Orange Margarita
  • Citrus is having its moment right now. Using seasonal fruits is a fun way to punch up any cocktail, and we love the vibrant color of this marg. Don’t forget the salt!

  • Sparkling Pomegranate Margarita
  • Who else lived for sparkling cider on New Year’s as a child? Pour the bubbles and ring in 2024 with the adult version of that beloved drink. And while you can definitely get the already prepared pomegranate seeds, cutting a pomegranate isn’t as tedious as you might think. Just don’t wear white…

  • Winter Wonderland Margarita
  • Get a head start on that New Year’s resolution to try new things with this delightful cocktail that combines coconut milk and rosemary simple syrup (heavenly!). Trust us when we say you’ll want to make a pitcher of this for your party.

  • Demitri’s Classic Bloody Mary
  • If you stay up past midnight, you’ll appreciate sticking to the classics in the morning. (If you stayed up way past midnight, you might also appreciate this myth-busting blog about hangover cures.) Use Demitri’s go-to recipe of tomato juice, Bloody Mary Seasoning, and vodka (or not).

  • Beer Float Bloody Mary
  • If you’re questioning the combo of beer and Bloody Mary, don’t knock it till you try it. We love Guinness for its subtle notes of chocolate and coffee.

    However you’re celebrating, we hope you have a happy, safe, fun holiday and a wonderful New Year!