Demitri’s Gourmet Mixes: One of America’s First Bartender-Built Brands

Demitri’s Gourmet Mixes: One of America’s First Bartender-Built Brands

When you taste a Bloody Mary made with Demitri’s seasonings, you immediately understand why the company has been around for over 35 years: It’s bold while being perfectly balanced. The reason why Demitri’s is a beloved bartender staple in some of the country's biggest and best establishments has a lot to do with Demitri himself.

Picture this: It’s 1988 in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood, ripe with a growing food scene, close to Pike Place Market, and filled with local sports team energy. Demitri Pallis is working as a bartender at the bustling New Orleans Restaurant, great for jazz at night, and business lunches during the day.

Demitri (or D as his friends call him) realized that guests were receiving a different Bloody Mary each time they ordered, and the large batches, although a time save, would spoil or change in flavor. In search of consistency, deliciousness, and an ease to the bartender's side-work plight, D ended up creating a mix he could add to tomato juice. Fellow bartenders would come by the bar and request it over and over. When they watched Demetri made the cocktail, they would be thrilled by the ease, and request a batch of D’s mix

D spent $360 on a roll of labels, bought empty bottles, and started mixing the recipe at night. He would bartend until 3 am, and stay up mixing and filling, sleeping for a few hours, then powering through mid-morning, knocking on doors, pitching his wares to fellow bartenders. After a day of sales, he would go back to work at the bar. This continued for what felt like an eternity. 

Demitri Bartending Bloody Mary

Demitri took over a year to finalize the recipe that would become Demitri’s award-winning original Bloody Mary Seasoning. There were tweaks, of course. And more tweaks. And line extensions, as some people wanted more horseradish while others needed a vegan version. Demitri was searching for Goldilocks-level perfection in his recipe, as he does (if you know the guy, you know this). The result of his extensive development was a mix of seasonings that anyone could simply add to tomato juice and their desired spirit or beer.

Now, 35 years later, Demitri’s Gourmet Seasonings (and delicious Margarita Mixes – which is a story for another time) are served all over the United States, AND the company is still run by the CEO & Founder, Demitri Pallis. Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasonings now come in four distinct recipes that maintain the same bold, consistent taste the founder intended, all those years ago.

Demitris Products Bloody Mary Mix Salt Rimmers

Classic Recipe: The one that started it all! This blend has 14 ingredients that combine into the perfect Bloody Mary. Add a celery stalk, dill pickle spear, and a lime wedge for the quintessential Bloody (and don’t forget the rim salt!).

Chilies & Peppers: Demitri created this flavor for all the spice girls and guys out there. With extra spicy goodness, this is a bold flavor that packs a punch in the best way. Top with Blaze’s Beans to balance it out, or go all in on the heat with habanero poppers.

Extra Horseradish: Demitri discovered that some people loved the Classic Recipe but wanted more horseradish. Ask and you shall receive! One of the best parts of using Demitri’s is that you can adjust each drink to your liking—so if you’re itching for even more horseradish, you can add an extra splash of seasoning without going overboard. We love sipping on this one with pepperoni straws… for obvious reasons.

Chipotle Habanero: Ready to crank up the heat even more? This flavor combines smoked jalapeños and habanero chilies for smoky, savory, citrusy taste. And this isn’t just for Sunday morning brunch—the flavors are incredible as a marinade for chicken wings for Sunday night football parties, too. 

Ready for a Bloody Marys? Shop the products page for seasonings, rim salts, and everything else you need for a stellar drink. You can also find us in a store near you if you simply can’t wait for it to ship (hey, we get it). Enjoy your gourmet Bloody Marys, and don’t forget to tag us in your creations!